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Alberto Luccas contrabaixista


Músico contrabaixista, compositor, arranjador e educador musical.



Alberto Luccas worked with big names in music such as Maria Schneider, João Donato, Victor Biglione, Jovino Santos Neto, João Bosco, Dori Caymmi, Mônica Salmaso, among others.


He is part of two prominent trios in the instrumental music scene, Nenê Trio, since 2001 and Nelson Ayres Trio, since 2005. He is also a member of the Nelson Ayres Big Band.


Also a composer, he released two albums of original songs - "Delírio de um dia" (2008) and "Horizontes Farpados" (2015).

Graduated in Popular Music from Unicamp, Alberto started playing music as a child, and as a teenager he began formal studies, attending conservatories and also private lessons with several professional musicians.


He was a teacher of Acoustic and Electric Bass on the Popular Music Course at Faculdade Cantareira for fifteen years.

Today he performs in various groups and continues teaching.

Baixo acústico Alberto Luccas
Discografia como Autor


Delusions of a Shadow Day.png

​"Alberto Luccas, without a doubt, is one of the most talented bassists on the current Brazilian scene and, if he is one of the best in Brazil, he is also one of the best in the world. 

On this CD he shows his creativity with extremely original themes and grooves.

His initial influences were diluted and transformed into his own bold style.

I'm grateful to him for the song he composed for me, called "Pro Nenê", and I hope we can play together for a long time.

Hugs from admirer and friend,


(musician, composer, drummer and arranger)

"I was very impressed with Alberto's high level and expressiveness in this beautiful album."

Chistianne Neves 

(pianist and composer)

"This album is an avant-garde work by Alberto Luccas. Innovative, beautiful, bold! It's impressive, in fact like everything he creates with the bass."

Paula Cardoso (pianist and composer)

"Reference album for solo acoustic bass."

Antonio Dias Naná (music researcher) 

"When Alberto invited me to write something about this CD, I immediately accepted with pleasure.

It's obvious that my expectations were as high as possible, knowing and admiring the musician - an honorable colleague - and his brilliant musical career.

I was pleasantly surprised when I listened carefully to all of its content several times. I was imagining how fertile his creativity is and how rigorously Alberto polished the compositions and performances of this album.

The chosen formation - tenor sax, double bass and drums - makes clear the concept of a sound in broad harmonic expansion, independent of instruments such as piano or guitar, where the sum of the harmonics released into the air by these three instruments make up an infinite and vast universe , with a timeless sound, far beyond simply modern or sophisticated.

The integration between Alberto, Vitor and Digão transcends perfection, it is as if their souls were already connected to many past lives. 

As a bonus, I received a beautiful tribute that was much greater than the honoree...

Happy is he who, like me, can share the pleasure of listening to this CD!

Hail Alberto, Vitão and Digão, you did great!


Sizão Machado"

(double bass musician, composer and arranger)

Discografi como Instrumentista




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